The MTV Africa Music Awards (MAMA)

FUNK has been the Project management company for the MAMA since 2008. FUNK is responsible for the management of all key stake-holders of this multi-millionDollar property which is a 360 degree platform that rolls out over 7 months.

Since 2008 the MAMA and surround events have taken place in Nigeria, DRC, Ghana, Tanzania, Kenya and Zambia.

We worked on

  • PR campaign including nominee events and press conferences
  • Marketing across Africa
  • TV & Radio promotion across Africa
  • Road to MAMA events in the lead up to the main awards show
  • Logistics & travel for 150 artists & 300 crew
  • VIP Hospitality
  • Host country Government liaison
  • Sponsorship relationship management
  • Executive Production of awards show
  • Management of all key stake-holders